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The Ender Dragon is the first boss in Mine Blocks. The second boss you will have in the future updates of mine blocks is wither boss, with the skulls and heads off some mobs.

It is very hard to kill! You'll probably need diamond armor, a diamond sword, and a reasonable amount of arrows or bone shurikens. It drops 60 Dragon scales, an active Ender Portal, a chestcontaining 8 diamonds, and the dragon egg on death. The ender dragon causes massive damage to anything but obsidian, its backdrop, bedrock, endstone, and ender gem ore.


  • From the creative mode inventory, you can spawn the Ender Dragon. Beware, spawning many ender dragons may destroy your world!
  • The Ender dragon has a weakness: ICE
  • Snowballs can damage him critical.
  • The Ender Dragon Is the boss, that you beat the game by defeating.
  • The Ender Dragon might be female, because it drops the dragon egg